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At Wandering Willows we understand the difficulty of leaving your pets.

Our Kennels and Cattery have become a haven for all our canine and feline guests


We strive to strike a balance between commercial and bespoke service - with the farm setup that we have, we provide a service where we can pay individual attention to all of our guests and cater to their needs, whilst having enough boarding spaces to support two staff for safety on-site and a greater variety of socialisation options for our dog-friendly doggies!


Social dogs are socialised in small groups by our experienced and qualified staff members.

With special attention to good social habits, and happiness at the forefront of every playtime!

We will always let you know how your pet has gone whilst staying at Wandering Willows

We are a small team of 5  working to achieve comfort and enjoyment for your pets in the countryside retreat of Wandering Willows. 

With two animal behaviour consultants on-site our premises and day-to-day care of your animals are designed around bespoke care, and premium mental and physical wellness for those that stay with us. We look forward to speaking to you about your family member’s needs. 

Candy Best

Wandering Willows Owner

Having left England in mid-2018 to start my New Zealand adventure I was keen to start up my own Kennels and Cattery straight away.


During my time in England, I worked with charities such as RSPCA, Dogs Trust, and PDSA. Along with working in a kennel and cattery for a number of years.


With a Bachelors Degree in Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare and a keen interest in what our pets need from us both physically and mentally, I was able to offer a personable and professional service


 As Wandering Willows has grown I have handpicked a team that I know will keep care and safety the forefront of what we do.










Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

1415 State Highway 1


Wellsford RD5 0975





By appointment only


©Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

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