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At Wandering Willows we understand the difficulty of leaving your pets.

Our Kennels and Cattery have become a haven for all our canine and feline guests


We strive to strike a balance between commercial and bespoke service - with the farm setup that we have, we provide a service where we can pay individual attention to all of our guests and cater to their needs, whilst having enough boarding spaces to support two staff for safety on-site and a greater variety of socialisation options for our dog-friendly doggies!


Social dogs are socialised in small groups by our experienced and qualified staff members.

With special attention to good social habits, and happiness at the forefront of every playtime! We will always let you know how your pet has gone whilst staying at Wandering Willows

We are a small team of 5  working to achieve comfort and enjoyment for your pets in the countryside retreat of Wandering Willows. 

With an on-site behaviour consultant our premises and day-to-day care of your animals are designed around bespoke care, and premium mental and physical wellness for those that stay with us. We look forward to speaking to you about your family member’s needs. 

Candy Best

Wandering Willows Owner

My interest in animal behaviour and welfare all began around 15 years ago when I met my future husband along with his Huskamute Kaiya, so you could say I dived straight into the deep end with a high-maintenance dog!  Before this, I had always been focused on cats. But learning how to work with her in an urban environment and best meet her needs was the catalyst.

During my time in England, I worked with multiple charities such as RSPCA, Dogs Trust, and PDSA. I also worked in a large-scale kennel and cattery for a number of years.


With a Bachelors Degree in Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare and a keen interest in what our pets need from us physically and mentally, I knew I could offer a personable and professional service


Having left England in mid-2018 with a vast range of practical and educational animal experience, I was keen to start up my own Kennels and Cattery in New Zealand, incorporating everything I knew.

As Wandering Willows has grown, I have handpicked a team that I know will keep care and safety at the forefront of what we do, striving to provide a fear-free and force-free environment for all our guests.



Wandering Willows Team Leader 

My passion for compassion has pushed me to explore, travel and help across the world. I worked and volunteered at dog rescue centres in Goa and Ireland, taught English to children with disabilities in Myanmar and Texas, and helped with natural builds in Thailand and Turkey.

When I landed back in New Zealand in 2019,  I started my own fur family of rescues, my dog 'Roux' and cat 'Track' this only enhanced my understanding of how to provide exceptional care.


With a diploma in Fine Art and being a keen artist in my spare time, You will see my artwork popping up around the kennels and cattery.



Wandering Willows Attendant


Kia ora and Malo e lelei, I'm Hannah. I am an animal enthusiast and a primary teacher in the making, and enjoying the journey.

I enjoy spending time experiencing different parts of my country with my two dogs, Benny and Buster, as I learnt how to work with two very different breeds, I wanted to push my knowledge further and work with other people's animals. 

I have learned so much about animal behaviours, key biological things to look out for, to work out the needs and wants of an animal and most importantly, how to cater to each dog as an individual. All of these things are constantly spoken about between our lovely team of ladies to make sure that we do the best we can for your pet while they are here.



Wandering Willows Team Leader 


Hi, I'm Sanja, and I'm the one with the charming German accent.
Fortunately, I had the chance to grow up around all kinds of animals, which is how I discovered my passion for them.

Over time, I ventured in a different direction and pursued an office education, spending the past few years as a team leader in a business consulting company. In that role, I not only improved my communication and teamworking skills but also gained valuable insights into the corporate world but also how much I missed adventures and furry companions in my life.  


In 2019, I finally decided to set off on an adventure, so I travelled around New Zealand for one year. After exploring this beautiful country I made the decision to rekindle my passion for animals and began at first volunteering and then working at SPCA . Through this experience, I not only found my two dogs and two cats but also discovered invaluable life lessons.

My two dogs, each with their own unique challenges, have been my greatest teachers over the years. Through training and caring for them, I've been able to expand my own horizons and develop skills to help me to help and train them. This journey has shown me the beauty of embracing challenges and learning alongside my four-legged companions.



Wandering Willows Attendant






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