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Our Cattery has both communal and private room options. Our communal room holds a maximum of 10 cats, who each have their own sleeping area at night - cats are popped in to their sleeping areas at night so that we can monitor their individual food and toileting habits, and so that we can give them thorough body checks each day. Our catio is adjacent to the communal space and is a lovely opportunity for cats that normally experience the outdoors to feel the breeze in their fur!  We have four private rooms for those that prefer not to share.  All spaces are equipped with Campervan-style sleeping areas including a soft bed. 

With plenty of toys, climbing opportunities, and treat reward-based puzzles to keep them entertained. 

We highly rate Feliway and diffuse this through our cattery. 

We encourage you to bring your own cats diet. However  Black Hawk is also available for (+$3.50)/day. 

We must be made aware of any allergies, sensitive stomachs or illnesses. If your cat is on a special diet please bring this along with you and instruct us on how much and how often. If your cat is on any medication please bring this with you along with instructions.

For the safety and security of your Cats, we have a triple door system in place. 24hr Surveillance and the Cattery is located next to the house. 

Please note this is a Kennels and Cattery,  although separate some dog noise can still be heard from the Cattery.  

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