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Our versatile cattery features both communal and private room options. Our communal room accommodates up to 10 cats, each with their own sleeping area for individual care and monitoring. Adjacent to the communal space, our catio offers an outdoor experience for cats.

For those seeking privacy, we offer four private rooms equipped with cosy Campervan-style sleeping areas.

Our spaces are furnished with plenty of toys, climbing structures, and treat-based puzzles to keep your feline friends entertained.

We also use Feliway to promote a soothing environment throughout our cattery.

Are you curious about what a cat's day entails in our Cattery?

While we encourage you to bring your cat's own diet, we also offer Black Hawk for an additional cost of (+$3.50)/day.

To ensure your cat's well-being, please inform us of any allergies, sensitive stomachs, or illnesses. If your cat requires a special diet, kindly bring it along with instructions on portion size and frequency. Additionally, if your cat is on medication, please remember to bring it along with dosage instructions.

To enhance the safety and security of your cats, we've implemented a triple door system. The cattery conveniently located adjacent to the onsite residence, your feline friends are always closely monitored.

Please be aware that while our kennels and cattery are separate facilities, some dog noise may still be audible from the cattery area.

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