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A point of difference.
Welfare is at the heart of what we do.

Our facility is proud to be fear free certified. 

This means we use methods and guidelines that have a  positive effect on behaviour and underlying emotional state, ensuring pets in our care have the most enjoyable experience possible. 


With a wealth of knowledge in behaviour and welfare, we have been able to execute a fear-free facility

and continue to do so by adjusting to each individual's needs in order to reduce the fear, anxiety and stress that they may experience 


This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Noise Control (Noisy echos are eliminated or diffused) 

  •  Visuals (Barriers are in place to reduce reactivity)

  •  Handing (Carefully, minimally and non-invasively)

  •  Enrichment (Providing outlets for both physical and mental exercise) 

  •  Meet and Greet (Assessment Day, to understand your pet's individual requirements)

  •  Kennel Space (Large areas with hiding spaces, multiple areas to move pets into a space that suits them)

  •  Knowledgeable Staff (Staff  are trained to work in a force-free manner and to break cycles of  potential behavioural problems)

  •  Carefully monitored interactions (We always have a member of staff present)

  •  Use of odour illumination product (To reduce fear and stress)

  • Playspace (Exceeding sizing ratio to accommodate groups comfortably) 

  • Small Staff-Dog Ratio (Makes monitoring a group play safer and more enjoyable)

  • Groups based on size, age, temperament and playstyle (We will match your dog to suitable playmates)

If your dog requires more advanced behavioural work, we also offer 1-1 Behavioural consultations. 

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