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Dog Boarding

One dog overnight stay collection by 10.00am 



Two or More Dogs Sharing a Kennel

Must be from the same family and able to share a space (no food/object guarding history)  Collection by 10am



per dog


Dog Day Stay / Afternoon Pick Up 

Additional charge for afternoon collections. Or rate for a day stay which does not include overnight boarding.


Dog Day Stay 3x Week





Add ons

Entir​e dogs (male and female)                    +$3.50/day

Premium food                                             +$3.50/day

(we recommend you bring your 

pets own diet) 

Pigs Ear/Trotter                                              +$5

(Enrichment be​tween play)


Frozen Kong/Licki Mat                               +$3

(Enrichment be​tween play)

(Dogs that attend daycare every week will recieve a complimentary kong)


Dog Bath                                                            +$38


Cattery Private Room

One cat in its own room, collection by 9.45am




Cattery Communal Room

One cat in our communal shared area (upto 10 cats from different households) with own sleeping/eating area for night time 



Two or More Cats

Each additional cat using the same area. Must be from the same family




Per Cat



Per Cat

Afternoon Pick up

Additional charge for afternoon collections



Add ons

Premium food                                               +$3.50/day

(we recommend you bring your

pets own diet) 


Behavioural Consultation 

1.5 hours including report and 4 weeks support



Training Consultation

1 hour one-one training session



Puppy Plan


You will be allocated a pick up and drop off



You will be allocated a pick up and drop off time

Mangawhai Heads

You will be allocated a pick up and drop off time 















Taxi Thursdays Only

1 hour one-one training session




+15% Surcharge on total bill for all public holiday weekends Friday - Monday and  during peak season (18th December - 15th January for 2023/24)




Terms and Conditions of Stay


  • Dogs and Cats must be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before admission to the kennels and cattery and must cover the duration of the stay (3 days for Canine Cough).
  • Certificates are required on admission to the kennels and cattery.
  • Dogs and Cats should be wormed and treated for fleas before their stay with us; if we suspect your pet to have any parasites you will be contacted and they will be treated at your expense.
  • Please bring your dog and/or cat’s bedding and any toys if they have them.
  • Dogs boarding for the first time should complete an initial assessment day, to assess their suitability to the environment. 


  • The kennels and cattery accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for damage to or loss of owner-provided collars, bedding, toys, etc.
  • Should your dog and/or cat needs veterinary care at the kennels, the management will transport/contact a veterinarian at the owner’s expense.
  • We have the right to refuse entry of any dog/s and/or cat/s to the kennels and cattery.
  • By confirming your dog/cat can mix with others of it own species, you accept that risk of injury can occur


  • Fees accumulated over your dog/s and/or cat/s stay must be paid for before your dog/s and/or cat/s are removed from the premises.
  • You are liable to pay for the full booking made even if you collect early.
  • Cancellations must be made within 48hours for daycare and boarding.
    Failure to do so will incur a cancellation fee (1-3 day stay 100% charge of total bill) (Over 3 day stay 50% charge of total bill)
  • Late fees apply. Pick up/drop-offs outside of stated opening hours are not guaranteed and will incur a$25 fee within 30 minutes of indicated time or $50 after that
  • All invoices must be paid in full within 7 days of your pet leaving the facilities. The date will be stated on your invoice. Failure to do so will incur late fee charges.


Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

1415 State Highway 1


Wellsford RD5 0975





By appointment only


©Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

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