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Doggy Daystay

​Here at Wandering Willows we like to make sure that your dog has a wholesome and enriching time whether they are here for a day, a week or a month! 


Our day stay option provides a mix of physical and mental enrichment. This is not a ‘play all day’ model- we have found creates behavioural/play style problems in many dogs, but instead, the doggies that come to stay for the day receive a mixture of 1-1 time, enrichment, basic training and group play (if social) in our outdoor setting. We also have an indoor space for those rainy days! For those that wish their dog to attend our Day Stay regularly, our day is designed not to exist in place of regular walks, training and fun at home but to compliment a happy dog’s lifestyle.




Our daystay model is not one where the dogs simply play all day - we have a routine mixture of enrichment, individual attention and reinforcement of good behaviours through treats and play, rest time and (of course) play time with their new friends! Allowing dogs to build new relationships outside of their normal social group can help build a more confident and fulfilled dog.


Mondays - Thursdays

Dogs need to arrive no later than 9am and leave no earlier than 3:00 pm

We run a daystay taxi to Kaiwaka and Mangawhai on a Thursday

(Please enquire for times and pricing)

Vaccinations for check-in


Nobivac DHPPI - Every 3 Years  (Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza)

Nobivac Leptospirosis - Every 1 Year (Leptospirosis)

 Nobivac intranasal KC - Every 1 Year (Canine cough)


Nobivac Tricat  - Every 3 Years (Feline Herpes Virus, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Panleucopaenia Virus).

If your dog(s) or cat(s) boosters have lapsed or it is their first set of vaccinations please allow at least 2 weeks before booking into the Kennels and Cattery.

Please fill out a form before your stay, the vaccinations listed must be up to date.


What does my dog’s day look like at Wandering Willows for Day Stay?

Early morning (before 9am) - Arrival sniff and Decompress!

 Lots of dogs are very excited when they arrive, but we don’t want them going in to play ‘too hot’ as this can create issues greeting dogs elsewhere in life! We give them 15 minutes to have a sniff and take a deep breath whilst their friends arrive.

Then it’s enrichment o’clock! Your pet will be given a pig’s ear/trotter, a Kong stuffed with goodies or a snuffle mat to enjoy - chewing is a great activity for dogs to use their brains and to learn how to relax in an exciting environment.

1-1 training/cuddle/walk time! Your pet receives some 1-1 love with our handlers - whether we are reinforcing good behaviour (such as coming when called, or not jumping up) or giving them a cuddle and enjoying some 1-1 time, your pet will love this personalised part of the day! For teenage dogs we will be able to give you feedback on how your dog is maturing and where they are on their journey to becoming a calm, happy, healthy adult dog.


Lunchtime rest - Mid Day Siesta 

All dogs need a healthy balance of rest and exercise/brainwork. We find that a mid day rest is vital downtime for the body and brain. this helps them enjoy there day care experience to the max. Allowing  them to divert energy and reduce over stimulation. 


Afternoon socialisation - Afternoon is for playtime! 

Your dog will be mixed with a group appropriate for their age, size, personality, mood, and social skills. This is a big tiring walk including playing in our stream and sniffing!

Doggy Daycare Agreement


Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

1415 State Highway 1


Wellsford RD5 0975





By appointment only


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