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Our kennels have been designed with a dog's mental and physical well-being in mind. 

- They are very sizable for maximum comfort with plenty of room to move and play, with a more private area inside for them to sleep. 

- Noise pollution is reduced by clever front-facing construction, minimising the chance of unwanted echoes, which can be upsetting for a dog. 

 - Front-facing and solid walls stop the dogs from seeing each other preventing nervous and/or aggressive behaviours between dogs resulting in a better night's sleep. 

​All dogs are individually housed in kennels,  families with two or more dogs may share and the kennels are very spacious to allow for this. 


We have three different kennel blocks that are segregated so we can place your dog in an area that suits them.

We have now opened up an indoor building set up like a real home with sofas and television for small dogs, elderly dogs, and the more sensitive. 

Our outdoor area is sensory heaven, there is plenty to explore and experience including an adventure area with different play stations set up within a woodland setting, complete with a stream running through the middle!


We have various paddocks where dogs can be exercised individually or in suitable groups, depending on size and temperament. 

To keep your dogs safe the whole kennel area is surrounded by 1.8m chain link fencing, we have a multiple gate system, 24hr surveillance, and the whole area is located within viewing distance of the on-site residence. We do not accept dogs that have a history of jumping fences over 1.6 metres. (Although animals are never left unattended in paddocks) Safety is our highest priority.

We encourage you to bring an item of your pet's own bedding so they have the familiar smell of home with them (don't worry if you forget, we have plenty of bedding for their comfort and needs!)

 If your pet likes to sleep in a crate as their 'safe space' please let us know and we will set one up or bring your own if you prefer.

 We also recommend you bring along your dog's own diet along with instructions on how much and how often.  

Black Hawk is available onsite +$3)/day if you don't want to pack their food - we also sell 20kg bags on-site. 

Pig Ears are available at $5 - this is great for enrichment and unwinding in between plays 

 We must be made aware of any allergies, sensitive stomachs or illnesses.  If your dog is on any medication please bring this with you along with instructions.

Follow the Facebook and Instagram pages to see what they've been up to whilst you are away.

Vaccinations for check-in


Nobivac DHPPI - Every 3 Years  (Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza)

Nobivac Leptospirosis - Every 1 Year (Leptospirosis)

 Nobivac intranasal KC - Every 1 Year (Canine cough)


Nobivac Tricat  - Every 3 Years (Feline Herpes Virus, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Panleucopaenia Virus).

If your dog(s) or cat(s) boosters have lapsed or it is their first set of vaccinations, please allow at least 2 weeks before booking into the Kennels and Cattery.

Please fill out a form before your stay, the vaccinations listed must be up to date.

Dog Boarding Agreement

Cat Boarding Agreement


Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

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